About Us

In March of 1992 Alan and Rena Peacock and Ryan and Vickie Moss purchased an existing pizza shop in Springville with the idea of immediately expanding the menu to include hot and cold subs. At the time no one in our area was toasting subs and that was something we wanted to offer our customers. Vickie created the famous bread recipe that has led to our success for over 30 years.

Our goal was to offer a high quality pizza and sub and to provide great customer service. We opened for business under the previous name, Pizza Pan, and went to work while we decided what new name to give our business. We had a great customer who was from Germany named Karsten. He would come in and ask for a sub but in his German accent it sounded like ‘zub’.

We brainstormed for weeks for the perfect name and kept coming back to this spin on sub. We joked about it but then it stuck. “Zubs“ was born. Many people thought that it was a combination of pizza and sub – and that works too, but the perfect name for us was all thanks to Karsten.

pic of rena for website

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